I did the thing that everyone says don’t. I judged this book by its cover. I avoided this book for so long because I thought the cover was so girly and typical -and I am so ashamed of myself for doing that. Because after reading this book. Wow. Completely not what I was expecting, but a million times better. Like, I was blindsided by the topic, the characters and the storyline. I ended up loving it – serves me right!

All Evie wants to be is normal. Starting a brand new college, Evie wants to be like any other teenage girl – make friends, go to parties, fall in love. And as normality starts to kick in, and she slowly comes off her meds, Evie feels like it can happen for her. But scared to let her new friends know of her secret, Evie wonders if she is going to struggle to find love.

I honestly thought it was going to be the typical whiny 16 year old, desperate to find love. Damn you cover! But looking back the title indicated to its topics and I was just too ignorant to see it. The cover was bright and stood out to me many times, I really should have seeked out reviews for this book beforehand and I would have picked it up so much quicker.

Quite frankly, I think that Holly Bourne is a bit of a writing genius. The way she write captivates and informs in such a wonderful way. Addressing taboos as well as portraying a beautiful story – I am in awe of her talent. I was engaged throughout and incredibly intrigued as to where she would take each chapter next. That, to me, is the sign of a fantastic writer.

The attitude towards mental health in this book is inspiring. It so frank and real, and doesn’t cover or mask it up in any way. The openness of it is refreshing and I think this is was suprised me. It was so pleasant to read a story like that. It was completely believable.

I thought her character was portrayed brilliantly and gotten across in a way that interesting yet frank. It was absolutely heartbreaking to read Evie’s relapse, and the scene in the school bathroom almost made me want to cry. To be so raw, honest and open to this situation made me heart break a little – and was honestly where I fell in love with the book and Holly Bourne.

I was pretty blind sided by this novel, and am still in awe of it. Fabulous writing that was full of raw emotion. I can’t see where Holly Bourne takes the next book and wouldn’t hesitate to pick up any of her other reads at all.


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