I promised to take another stab at the Jess Tennant series and give her another go. I liked the idea of this storyline so when I read the blurb I thought, hey why not? And the storyline was good – it was just Jess I couldn’t get on with.

Jess has been living in the sleepy, yet posh seaside town with her Mum for a couple of months now. As Halloween rolls round – a big time for the teenagers of the town – Seb Dawson is found badly beaten on the side of the road. And when the local police don’t take the attack seriously enough, Jess decides to take matters into her own hands, unravelling dark secrets as she goes along.

Jess irks me. I really want to like her, I really do. Her ballsy attitude is something I want to admire and hey, it does push the story along. I know a lot wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for the way she was portrayed. However, her martyr attitude and need to be in everyone’s business is beyond me. Her brash personality is one I find quite hard to grasp and relate to. I also why are all the guys are falling over themselves for her. I just don’t understand her appeal. But then hey, that may be where I am going wrong. Ha!

What I did find good about this storyline though was figuring out who hurt Seb. It was the part I found one of the most interesting, I just wish there was more focus on it and I think that would have engaged more in the novel.

I did like Ella as a character though, I thought she was grounded and good balance to Jess. I think I just wanted to see a little bit more of her – maybe in the next novel?

The writing of this novel was good, although I didn’t find parts a little slow. It made more than up for it though in other parts and kept me reading without feeling like it was dragging which is always good.

I’m glad I gave this next novel a try, and was a bit better than the previous Jess Tenant book I’d read. The storyline was interesting but I still found Jess a bit obnoxious and struggled to engage with her character. I won’t pick up the next book, but I won’t be seeking it out.


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