I finally got round to reading the latest Princess Diaries and literally 14 year old me thought all my Christmases had come at once. Within the first page I had slipped into Mia’s great and quirky world, slightly older, more mature and settled – but still and do fabulous as the day I first picked her up. Meg Cabot, you gave me so much nostalgia and book that I really needed to read right now. I zoomed through it way too quickly, and adored seeing where my favourite princess’ life had taken her.

Mia has been busy since graduating college 5 years ago, what with the running a teen community centre, Royal engagements, charity events and of course still being madly in love with Micheal. So when he proposes after whisking her away to a Caribbean island her life almost feels perfect- if you ignore the paparazzi. That is until she arrives home to royal catastrophe, and overbearing Grandmere and political scandals galore. Who ever said being a Princess was easy?

When I was thirteen going of fourteen, Meg Cabot and Mia Thermopolis were my gods. I feel in love with the books, well the first six anyway (eight and nine Mia gets so wimpy and needy, she just needs a good shaking but I rather enjoyed number ten). This genius just fell into my life and I don’t think my brain had read anything so fast. I couldn’t get them out of the library quick enough. Despite Mia’s whole princess thing going on, I felt I could relate to her and her upside yield sign head. This girl was amazing, I wanted her awkward  but awesome life, I loved it. The film, however, is a whole different story and builds an anger inside that has me ranting and raving. But that’s for another time.*

So to get inside her head at the age of 22, was like I’d travelled back in time. Meg Cabot’s fantastic way of writing – and such an easy read. Perfect after some of the books I have just read.

I was fascinated to see how Mia had changed and developed in the 8 years gap – and reassuring her personality hadn’t changed to drastically. She is still real, sassy and a slight hypercondriaic that I identified so much as a young teenage girl. I’m glad that we got an update of everyone else in her life as well though. It made me pretty happy.

I loved all the pop culture references as usual, and adored the comparison to the British royal family. At some point, I swear she even became self aware! Loved that. 

As usual, there were some good – and totally bizarre twists – and most of them I got before they were announced. Those clues are not subtle. It kept the story on its toes, and flowed really well because of it. It took a while to get to the proposal – and considering the name of the book it should have happened sooner as I was constantly anticipating it.

I would have liked more mentions on how Mia’s and Lilly’s friend turned out back on track and to get back to how close they were. I am extremely happy Tina was still part of her life though. What I did find didn’t need to happen, was her dad and mum reuniting. Totally not needed in my opinion. Plus, I would have liked the ending a little longer. But that may be more because I wanted to read more.

It was really, light novel to read, reeking of nostalgia which I enjoyed and I was over the moon to pick her up again. I’m just annoyed I waited so long to do so.

*Okay, regarding the film. So, when I was reading around book seven I became aware of an accompanying film and I just had to watch it, it should have been amazing right?!

Oh, how wrong I was! I was super duper excited to watch the film, the books had raised my expectations raised pretty high. But all I was greeted with disappointment and sour popcorn. Hardly any of the story-line was followed, only bits and pieces were kept in. It did not bode well with the vision I had developed in my head.

I’m sorry Anne Hathaway, but you ain’t no Mia to me. Girl, you too pretty and perfect! Your makeover was too far into perfection for my liking. Julie Andrews was far too regal for the Dowager Princess (erm, hello where were the tattooed on eyes brows). Micheal and Lilly were pretty awesome looks wise but the way they were betrayed was so different in the book. Lily was much calmer than her het-up self, accepting Mia’s princess crown pretty cooly. And as for Micheal, what a drip. Look cooler, act cooler.

And what I would like to know, was what the hell was Tina Hakim-Baba. She was the most awesome character in the book and she totally disappeared into thing air. No, no, no, no, no! It almost made me want to cry. She made Mia’s character and the books in my opinion.

So yes, I know books and films are different and lovely in their own way, but The Princess Diaries sucked way too much for me. Either change the name or get the hell outta town. You left one fan extremely disappointed.


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