I really liked the YDC from  Struck/Storm and Stone, so was super excited to read that this was another chapter from these smart and pretty badass guys. This was a sequel that I definitely needed to sink my teeth into.

Kate has a talent for disappearing. And when a case she was working on last year folding in on itself because of her actions, she disappeared from all aspects of life. Those who she went against on her case are now on her tail, desperate to find her. And the YDC are determined to track her down before her enemies do. With Nathan heading up the team in charge to finding her, he is determined to keep her safe no matter what.

The first thought that came into my  mind when I read the blurb to this book was that Kate was alluded to in the first novel and I was pretty happy to explore her story in the second novel. I do love when an author picks out detail like that.

Honestly, I thought this novel had a great storyline that explored deception, loyalty and guilt. It was pretty different to Struck, even though it included the same sort of elements.

I thought the characters in this book were gritty – and for some reason I found I liked them better. Their depth, and history gave for a more exciting dynamic. i got stuck with them from pretty much the first page of the novel and a good set up always holds good promise. And this I felt pretty much delivered.

The only aspect of this novel that I did find a tad frustrating was the aspect to which love evolved and was within the centre of the problem. I did question whether it needed to feature so heavily. I understand it’s Joss Stirling forte, and I picked it up knowing full well it was a romance novel book, but made Kate look a little bit naive, when in all other aspects she was so independent and bad ass. I did however,  like that she became hard headed from it though.
I absolutely loved that Kieran and Raven featured pretty heavily, although it would have been nice to see Joe featured as well as he was one of my favourites.

I think I preferred this book a lot more. Whether it was more the feature of the YDC, or I had adjusted to these books more – I did enjoy the read. I look forward to the next.


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