Imagine my surprise – and joy – when I came across Shaken, the third book in the YDC series. I didn’t even realise it was out! Fell right back into it – Joss Stirling’s writing has begun to welcome me with open arms, and strangely I like it – who would have thought me,enjoying romance?! But tied in with crime fighting and say hello to a little convert.

Rose Knight needs to raise a million pounds on a weekly basis if she is going to keep her father alive after he has been kidnapped. She is keeping it a secret, as her father’s criminal life is not one she is proud of. But when her next door neighbour Joe, returns for a brief break from his ‘English college’ with his friend Damian in tow, Damian does everything to end up in Rose’s business, something she does not want.

Something I need to rave about its these fabulous covers. And this one is no different. It had the same gorgeous cover and design as the two previous novels – and although not as pretty with metallic as the Benedict brother covers – the dark swirls definitely appeal to me.

This book moved to America this time rather than remaining in England like the other two novels. The different environment was good as it allowed for different dynamics and events, although I was initially cautious as to how it was to pan out. Not that I needed to be.

I liked Rose as a character. She was head strong and determined, which is what I craved for out of these books. I was also glad to see a female display Kieran’s abilities, completely different to the girls we had seen before. If I am honest, I think that made me like her even more. And her quirky dress sense, perfect! I found her a lot more relatable due to this.

I really liked the storyline – I thought it had good pace, and such a good concept. I felt like it jumped into the story a lot quicker this time, but also allowed for the picture of their home life to be built around. I think this turned it into my favourite out of three because of this.

I was excited to learnt that we would explore Joe and his character a bit more in this book – i had missed his presence in the last one. It was also really good to meet Joe and Damian’s family in this book. The broader aspect was good to gain perception and allowed me to understand them both better as characters.

I would have liked to have explored YDC in America- perhaps next book if it’s planned and see the difference into how it is run in the UK?

Also, as usual, romance I swear gets faster with each book. But this sort of love didn’t annoy me half as much as it did before. Help, I’m thawing to it!

I think this was my favourite YDC book. The storyline was fantastic, the character really down to earth and I got on with them. I love the direction this one took and can’t wait to see if Joss Stirling takes these book further!


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