Spying this on the library shelves, this gave me a similar feeling to when I first picked up the Endgame, so I’d thought I’d give it a whirl. And oh boy was I glad I did. This was such a pleasant surprise read that I think I liked it even more so than if I had read good things about it previously. I do love it when you picked up an unexpected good read.

Sascha Winters can’t die – trust him, he has tried numerous ways of doing so. His death is inevitable, and when it does arrive it will trigger something awful. Taylor Montclair is the only person able to save him. She thinks that she is just a normal girl with her biggest worry being exams and friendship. That is until she shorts the lights with her brain. With hundreds of miles between them – Sascha in France whilst Taylor is in England – the two have never met. It is a rush against time for those around them both to find each other, and perhaps even save the world.

I’m not sure how to pinpoint it, but there was a good atmosphere surrounding the novel. It made me feel easy reading it and I felt I could get into the novel straight away which is always a sign of a good book.
France and England good match, which I wasn’t too sure when I begun the novel, but¬†I actually quite like that it was set in two different countries that didn’t include America. Refreshing to say the least.
I really liked the concept that Sascha couldn’t die and the boundaries that were pushed to explore that. It almost put a certainty on the novel that was quite reassuring as other parts kept taking me by surprise. I thought that Sascha and Taylor were a good combination in terms of protagonists and was really intrigued by the ancestral relationship between the two. I do hope it is explored even more in the next novel as I found it fascinating.

There were some quite exciting Рand explosive Рscenes in the novel. I really liked how they went down and loved how they were written. The writing in this book really captured me in and flowed so well. I really aided the book, in my opinion.
I am really intrigued as to how their powers will evolve in further books as well, and can not wait to see how they expand and grow.
I am really looking forward to reading the next book, as this inital book has brught so much promise and excitement.


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