I quite enjoyed the previous book – it was a pleasant surprise and I had no previous misconceptions going in. So when I spotted this beauty on the library shelves, I knew I had to pick it up and continue Taylor and Sascha’s story with the same enthusiasm that I had been left with before. And thankful the promise delivered.

Although locked away in the Oxford College and protected by the Alchemists for now, Sascha’s eighteenth birthday is only a week away and Taylor has a hell of a lot of training if even stands the slightest chance of breaking the curse. But when the college becomes dangerous, they discover there is only one way that can stop the curse – and both will be put in peril. They have to travel across France to where the curse was first determined to stop Sascha dying and the demon arising.

The story carried straight on and that was good. There was no going back over it too much which sometimes happens with sequels and this was pleasant to carry straight on. There was no need to get used to the story which was good.
I was a bit unsure about the move to France in this book, but as it didn’t happen until well into half way through the book and the change in location, and travelling worked well. I thought that the scenery in France was set well and done in a manner that worked extremely well for the story.
Although it took me a week to read – I think it was just a slow moving reading week for me –  the pace was fast and moved quickly through each element of the story. Every time I picked up the book, I read big chunks of the novel in relatively small spaces of time. When you are able to flow through a book like it always gives me a good feeling about it.
Once again the writing was good, it drew me right in and not clunky at all. I really think that these two authors work really well together and the way they write is really enticing. A good partnership!
The only thing that grinded me a bit was the two lots of romantic elements wormed their way into the novel. Although inevitable on both sides, I felt it was a bit too much to happen at exactly the same time. The scenes were written well, but I just wasn’t a fan of the time. Action and adventure drive this book, romance can be kept to a minimum. But then that could just be me!
I really do hope there is a next book planned, although I’d be intrigued to see where it is being taken. I really like these two authors as a pairing and would love to see more of this wonderfully put together novel series.


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