This novel kept catching my eye. Whether it was the absolutely gorgeous front cover or the rave reviews I’d continuously seen – I just knew that when I spotted it on the library shelves it had to tuck it underneath my arm to take home. And boy, am I glad I did.

Madeline has SCID which basically means she is allergic to everything. She spends her life isolated in her specially adapted house with only her mum and carer as company. But when a new family move next door – with a goregous young son – curiosity gets the better of Madeline and she wants to experience the outside. She doesn’t want to be stuck inside anymore, even if it means risking her life.

I absolutely adore this front cover. The gorgeous colours and design make for such big book envy, it is a cover I want to drawl over again and again (but I won’t be that gross). It was a big part of me picking it ¬†up, before I even knew what the book was about.

I thoroughly loved the concept of this book as well. I haven’t come across a book like this before and think that was part of the charm.
Madeline was sweet – determined and self loving as a character which was super refreshing.
Everything seemed so simple to her, no complications in her thought process. It added to the innocence of Madeline that was being portrayed but I wasn’t sure what I though of this as it seemed a bit too sheltered almost – which I understand was how she was meant to be portrayed. This was only a tiny aspect of it though and didn’t taint the reading experience at all. Her blossoming relationship with Only was simple and lacked complexity which sometimes taints relationship and this was pretty refreshing.
I should have seen her mum coming a mile off – and at first I did question her and the way she was treating Madeline – but never really anticipated this. I should have listened to my instincts!it was honestly such a good twist and what made me fall in love with this book.
Honestly, this is such a good quick little read – I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it.

To add to a bonus – a friend raved about reading it, and I hadn’t even recommended it to her yet!


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