That was such a pleasant surprise.
On my TBR list after I noticed it floating around on twitter and many raves about it. It was sat as the pride of shelf in library, and I knew I had to give it a whirl.

In a world where every person who is accused of murder stands seven days on death row – moving a cell a day. Over the seven days the public to decide their fate through a televised programme and phone votes. When 16 year old Martha is next to a murdered with the weapon in her hand – she insists she is guilty. Awaiting her fate in each of the seven cells, she keeps her statement. But those around her, start to question how guilty she really is and fight to prove she is really innocent.

I really liked the concept of this book and thought the idea was pretty original. Although quite warped, I liked the way everything was explained, for most of the questions that I asked, but I did feel that it simplified people and complete gullibility a bit too much. Although some of this was addressed towards the end where it unravelled a bit, there are definitely some questions that would need to be answered in the next book for me to be completely satisfied.
I thought that the different cells, this different forms of torture was a brilliant idea and well executed. Believable and written in a particularly emotional way was inspiring to say the least.
I really liked and was captured in by the run down of Cell 7 on the final day. I knew she wasn’t going to die, but then in the back of my mind Kerry Drewery left little pieces of doubt that made me think maybe she would. If it did happen, it made have made more of statement?

There was so much corruption in this novel – and it was pretty satisfying. I don’t know why, but the emphasised dystopia divide was one that helped pull the novel together. It may have been a little too much – but it did add to the entire feel of the novel.

The characters were really interesting to read about – they were characters that I was eager to know more about. I loved the dynamics between them all as well. It made for a juicy read.

I was pretty excited to hear a second book, as I read the book without realising it. I can’t wait to see how it pans out and hope it isn’t just the same novel regurgitated, although I can’t see that happening at all.


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