I had loved this film when I watched it a couple of years back, so wanted to have a crack of book. I’d been told promising things by a couple of people so knew I would be in for a treat. And boy, I wasn’t disappointed.

After being brutally murdered one day after school, Susie takes her place to watch from her vantage point in heaven as her family grief and waits for her killer to be found and punished.

This book had a certain element that reminded me of Perks of Being a Wallflower. I’m not sure if it was the innocent tone, the gentle story telling or the themes that are woven throughout, but both books left me with a warm feeling inside – even if a little heart broken.

The voice in this novel was one that I really enjoyed reading along to. It had the right balance to address the serious issues, but still maintain the innocence that Susie had. I also loved Susie as a character. I thought she was well rounded, not too sheltered or bratty. The kind of character anyone could get along with.

I loved the angle that was taken in this novel. It was different to the simple murder mysteries that I had encountered before and gave a thrilling element that I didn’t expect. Also, as I had watched the film before the book I was a tad apprehensive as everything had been revealed to me before. But actually, this didn’t taint my read at all as the enjoyment of the book didn’t even allow me to wonder about it. A true sign of a good book.

It was a tiny bit slow in places, but I understand that was needed to mimic the development and get other facts across. This was the only criticism I could have had – and still I think if it had been fast throughout I maybe wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much.

The novel had a great development of characters and I liked how each family member was portrayed. Also, even those who you are made to hate from the start are given good development.

A genius piece of writing that I’m placing on higher pedestal as the Perks of Being a Wallflower. A very good book indeed and a definite must read.


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