This had such a promising storyline – I mean you had me hooked in at witness protection. And previous Becca Fitzpatrick books had proven to be a good read. So, when I picked this book out of the library I knew I was going to be in for a good read. I was just expecting SO MUCH ROMANCE.

Stella has had to move across the country after witnessing a horrific crime, leaving her mother, boyfriend and life as a senior behind. She had to change her name and her entire life after she witnesses a man murder her mother’s drug dealer. But she begrudges the life she has been pulled away from and is rude to everyone she meets in her new life. Even the beautiful Chet Falconer. But when the man she has been placed in protection from catches up with her, the threat to her life increases.

Not long after cracking open this book did it hit that this Romance at its peak. Regardless of the heavy hitting storyline or deep undertones, romance still manages to push its way through. And although I realise now that that is what Becca Fitzpatrick is known for, I felt like it went a bit over board.

At times, it honestly felt a bit like I was reading some kind of Mills and Boon story. There were parts – not all the time – where the language felt flowery and over the tops. Cringy almost. But then that may just be because that isn’t my kind of book. I wanted more of the gritty action that was promised in the blurb. Which luckily there was still lots of.

I really did like the storyline a lot, even if it felt a bit exaggerated at times. It was the typical city girl goes to country story but the way it was approached – along with Stella as a character – made it work without being too cliche.Stella was loyal – if stupid at times – and I could tell that instantly from the beginning.

I would love to have explored Inny’s (what kind of name is that?!) and Dusty’s storyline even more as it was a fantastic twist and added a great element to the story that I really appreciated. I thought they were different – but good and refreshing and would have loved to have got to know them more.  Also, what happened to Reed? From this angle I felt it ended abruptly with a few ends that needed to be tied off, and the middle did drag a bit.

A pleasant read – even if there was a little too much romance for my own liking. A good and simple read.


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