After always being in the back on my mind from the fabulous holiday read two years ago, I finally got my hands on the sequel to the Confessions of a Murder Suspect – Confessions The Private School Murders. I kept missing it in library whenever I tried to seek out and find out, so imagine my joy this time to see it resting on the shelf. Cackling with glee (OK, maybe that is a slight over exaggeration) I exited the library to crack open this long anticipated book.

Three month after Tandy and her siblings were suspected of murder in their parents death, Tandy’s brother stands trial for the murder of his girlfriend and unborn baby. Set knowing he couldn’t have committed the crime, Tandy stands by her brother side, and defends his innocence. But with their parents untimely death still looming in the not too distant past, it doesn’t look too promising. Meanwhile, private school girls the same age as Tandy are being targeted, and murdered. Well, that what Tandy believes. The police however, refuse to believe the connection – they are all just terrible coincidences. Fearing for her own life, Tandy takes detecting into her own hands – she solved her parents deaths, right?! At the same time, she is trying to figure out a way to make sure her brother doesn’t go down for a murder she is sure he didn’t commit.

I fell straight back into the style, it didn’t feel jaunty after a two year gap and I got right back onto it. I really like the writing combo of James Patterson and Maxine Paetro – it’s captivating and makes for an enjoyable read.

I think I preferred this story. There were so many more storyline that were being followed throughout this one narrative. I found the leads exciting and promising, yet there were too many to lose count. Just the right amount to keep me engaged. Plus, Tandy was better to get on with this time – I found she was a tad overbearing in the last book. Good character development.

It did wrap up rather quickly and in succession – more of an explosion and lead up would have been nice if I’m honest as I felt it was ploughed into a couple of pages. I understand the main pull is the wondering, but more time of the discovery would have been a bit nicer.

I’m so glad Tandy now had CP to confide in and help her as it was good to see her have another she could relate to. I thought she was a good added extra who provided much needed relief. I would have liked to see more of her if I’m honest and was a bit sad when she left. With the addition of CP, and the more nornalisation of Tandy, I felt the confessions aspect was a little lost and redundant in this book. It was a little bit pointless as it’s now just Tandy pointing out her flaws rather than unleashing a damning bit of information, which was no where near as juicy as the previous book.

I’m now desperate to set my sites on the Paris Mysteries and carry on – I’m so intrigued as to where the Angel’s adventures take them next.


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