Next book along in the Confessions series and I was so glad that I could read these in succession now after sourcing The Private School Murders after so long. After finishing Tandy’s confessions and the new life for them in Confessions The Private School Murders, I had to see what James Patterson and Maxine Paetro had in store for the Angel family. And they didn’t  disappoint. This book was just as thrilling as the previous two had been.

Finally reunited with the boy her parents tore her from, Tandy couldn’t be happier in Paris. But when he starts getting distant, and there are clue around her house that don’t match up with what happened to her deceased sister, the oh so quiet Parisian lifestyle isn’t living up to all it initially was.

It was great to have a different and refreshing environment in this novel. It added a breath of fresh air to the series seeing how the siblings reacted in a country their wasn’t their home. It also demonstrated their skills at the same time and honestly thought it was a smart move so that the series didn’t get too tied down in the same place. Plus, Paris isn’t a place usually explored in YA so they was a good choice.

I felt in this novel, we reverted back to Tandy from the first book, which I actually enjoyed and strangely think I preferred this Tandy. I could guess her actions less and found her more exhilarating to read about. She was a bit more unpredictable and think that was why I liked her so much in the first novel. Honestly, I say welcome back.

There were a lot of twists and turns in this novel that I wasn’t entirely expecting. This added another thrilling element. I liked that it threw in the doubt of everyone again, and suddenly I was suspicious of everyone again.

It was intriguing to see each of the siblings strive on their own,. rather than rely on each other. I felt we got to know their personalities and who they were a bit more through this. I was glad that Tandy wasn’t down the police’s throat in this novel due to the more hidden mystery that involved her directly. And, *SPOILER ALERT* I sort of had an incline that Katherine would be alive, and liked the allude at the end of novel. I hope we see more of her.

I really liked this novel, and am thoroughly enjoying carrying on the series. I can’t wait to crack open the next – and what I believe is final book – and see where they are taken next.


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