I’d quite enjoyed reading this series finally in succession after a whole from reading the first book. I’d grown to enjoying reading about Tandy and her dyfuctionally perfect family and the misadventures they found themselves on. And this book was no different. Back in NY, there was more mystery, deception and crime fighting which lead to a good end to the series.

Tandy Angel is losing her mind – or so she thinks. She’s imagining new dangers in every shadow, and it doesnt help that she is fighting her uncle for her family’s business. With paranoia setting in, she has to face the possibility that the stalker she’s convinced will take her life could be all in her head.

However much I enjoyed the scenery of Paris, I liked that it was set back in New York. I think that it flowed better in that scenery – as opposed to the tranquil Parisian life – and the characters felt more at home here. A sense of returning back for the final book made the series feel whole.

Tandy’s paranoia gave the novel a other feel that meant I couldn’t trust anything. I liked this element of the book as it meant it could go in any direction at any given time. It gave the read a thrill that has been present throughout the whole series and this addition of paranoia just highlighted it even more.

I love Tandy’s gust, and her justice for right and wrong. I wanted this who had been failed by the drugs the children had took to be explored more, but liked that Tandy seeked justice – even if it was for her and her brothers. This strong female protagonist was who I adored from the first novel and I was so pleased to see her back and hunting down her uncle.

I liked that Katherine made a little bit more of an appearance in this novel as I think her sorry aspect is great. So interesting and adds a darker element, but also a nice female admiration and release for Tandy. Helps balance her out after CP.

A good end to the series, and a thoroughly enjoyable read. Thank you James and Maxine for Tandy and her extravagant lifestyle that has proved me with much thrill.


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