I fell in love with Divergent when I first read it. I was all over it like a rash. However, I never got round to picking up the novellas. I know, I’m a bad person, but after being tainted by the films I couldn’t bring myself to do so.

But, when I spotted Four in the library, I thought eh, why not. And once again I fell in admiration for the Divergent world.

Two years before Tris made the transfer to Dauntless, Tobias did the same. Son of the Abnegation leader, he transferred to escape but now has to show his worth in making such a bold move.

I really liked the foreword as it felt like a little peer into Veronica Ruth’s mind. The incline into how Divergent was created made prior fan girl me glow from the inside. It was wonderful.

I instantly loved the world created by Roth all over again. I forgot how much I had been drawn in by the dystopia. Over time I thought this had faded but picking up Four meant it all flooded back. I was sat back in my halls room all over again reading Divergent for the first time.

It was fab to see Four’s experience and how it matched up with Tris. The parallels, as well as how much the processes has changed was fascinating and I appreciated the links that sown to other aspects. It lived up to all my Divergent nerd-fests. It was also incredibly insightful to discover what Four actually knew when. It gave a whole new perspective on the franchise.

Although the writing carried me seamlessly like it had the first time I read Divergent, Four’s tone of narrative didn’t differ to Tris. With this book it worked, but I still think I hold a little bit of a grudge from Allegiant, where it failed. It would have been nice to have a more masculine tone that I associate with Four.

Overall, I am so glad with the effect Four had on me. I was so glad it was nostalgic and didn’t taint my perception of the series *ahem looking at you books*. Thank you Veronica Roth for adding such a great addition, I’m just sorry it took me so long to get around to reading.


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