Happy New Year!

Okay, so this is a little different to the content that I usually post, but I wanted to just have a little rave about the two fantastic blogger Secret Santas that I took part in this year.

This year I’ve discovered even more how fabulous the book blogger world is and have been wanting to get more involved in it. So, browsing twitter in late November I noticed the hash tags #MPSecretSanta and #BookBloggerSS appeared.  My interest peaked, and when I discovered that you get to take part in secret santa with an equally minded fellow blogger/book lover, I knew I just had to sign up.

Initially, I only signed up for #MPSecretSanta. When I received my name for this one through though, I wanted to buy books right away. With this thrill, I knew I had to sign up to #BookBloggerSS – I mean,twice the fun right!?

And it definitely was!

I had a ball choosing for both my secret santas – they were both so different with Amazon lists that I could of chosen so many off. For my #MPSecretSanta I had a wonderful horror and fantasy lover. As soon as I spotted The Bunker Diary on her list I just knew she had to have it – two years down the line and it still gets me. I also was intrigued by Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – and thought I’d gift it to her and hopefully see if it is worth the fuss. For my #BookBloggerSS, another lovely blogger, as soon as I saw the first book on her list I knew I had to get it right away, even if it took nearly all my budget. It was a reworking of a fairytale and I knew if I had instantly fallen for it, then they must too. With both of the secret santas I wanted to add a little something extra into it, so I had wrote a note (and recommendations that they might like) and included a couple of sweet book badges. We’ll brush over the awful time we had with royal mail which meant I had to send the parcel twice (note for next year – don’t trust them!), I was pleased with the reaction I got back – incredibly pleased that my #MPSecretSanta adored her stash. (I’d love to hear from my #BookBloggerSS if she’s out there!)

Now, because I had so much fun with my gifting, I was blown away when I received such incredible gifts from my secret santas. #MPSecretSanta swap your partner, so my secret santa had me. Which was wonderful! She gave me such a good haul. She’s researched my blog (eek!) and put an entire thought process into what to get me. I felt so loved! Not only did she give me two books – Frozen Charlotte which has been on my TBR since forever – and Darkmere which has such a fascinating blurb. I can’t wait to crack open either of them! And then she gave me a book mark and a badge! I felt so spoilt – (although when I opened the parcel I was a little spooked by how similar our buying mind had been, what with the two books and the badge!) I honestly can’t thank Franki (@TheFrankleton) enough!


A couple of days later, my #BookBloggerSS arrived and I got even more treats. This was a different person to my secret santa, but meant I could interact with more people. Yay! From this wonderful book blogger, I got another two books (I’m so lucky!). The first was Paper Butterflies, that I literally had in my library pile that week so I am ecstatic that I now get my own copy because it sounds such an incredibly promising book. And then, another from one of my favourite authors – Alice Sebold. I am in love with The Lovely Bones so I should in for a right treat. Once again, I am stupendously grateful for all the research and effort Joanne (@incaseofbooks), I loved that she chose books that were such my taste and perfect for me. Yet again, I can’t wait to start reading them! Thank you, so so much.


This was honestly one of my favourite things to take part in. It was so much fun and I got quite a lot of joy out it. Definitely consider me in again for next year.


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