Paper Butterflies by Lisa Heathfield

This was such a stand out book for me – in more ways than one. Wondeful writing and fascinating storylines meant it was right my alley – and I wasn’t the only one to think so! I picked this book out at the library, literally finished it and the same day got it gifted in my #BookBloggerSS, which I am super happy with as now I have my own copy to cherish.

This book is everything that I love. Fantastic characters, emotive writing, dark but meaningful topics and twists that took me off my feet. I wanted to carry on reading this book forever and ever as I am deeply in love with everything about it.

June’s life at home is almost unbearable thanks to her stepmother. With no one she feels she can turn to, she grows up feeling completely alone. But then she meets a boy called Blister, who provides her with a haven from her home life, and gives her a glimmer of hope that one day she can be free.

This was one of those books where by the end of the first page you get completely hooked. I knew straight away this was going to be a book that I was going to steam through and not be able to put down. I was captured immediately by the flow of the writing and frankness of the way everything was explained. It striked out from the start and maintained the world work throughout the entire book.

I liked the style of the writing and the time lapses. It meant more was covered without making the bits skipped meaningless. The speedy way to show development worked really well in this format.

Although the topic was delicate, there was no bars held when it came to describing scenarios. I think topics of such nature need more platforms like this, it definitely makes me listen. It sends out a powerful message in a way that can be enjoyed as well as raising awareness. For this, I think Lisa Heathfield has done an incredible job.

Character of June¬†was one that was developed and created so well. She was someone I wanted to follow around and read about. So much empathy was created around her, I couldn’t help but feel. Also, I adored Blister and thought he enhance June as a character rather than deflect or over bear. Such a good coupling.

What got me the most with this book was th ending. I mean, a complete OMG. I don’t know how I hadn’t seen it coming. It reminded me slightly of the same reaction I had to when I got to the twist in Jess Valance’s Birdy. I think this made me love the book more, but also it broke my heart even more. I didn’t realise how much I’d put into June until this point with all the unjustice.

I need there to be another book. I mean, it can’t be left like that.

I think this book has made its way into one of my favourites. Thank you to Joanne @ incaseofbookiness for sending it to me. Definitely right down my street. I urge anyone thinking about picking up this book – do! It’s incredible.


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