The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge

I felt like it was an obligation to read this book – it is the first YA winner of the Costa book of the year and I have seen numerous authors and bloggers rave about it’s greatness. I was going to read it whilst on holiday earlier in the year but didn’t get round to doing so, and after staring at me for what felt like months on my desk, I finally cracked it open. To find something that really was not my taste at all.

Faith has a thirst for science and knowledge – a lot like her late father. When she comes across his disgraced journals, full of mad writings – she hopes to discover the truth behind his death and clear his name.

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting really. What I don’t think I was expecting was the Victorian era, and I think quite frankly this is what initially put me off. The era is repressed and this always seems to frustrate me. And I’m disappointed I didn’t feel as enlightened as when I read about the repression in Only Ever Yours. Took me ages to adjust – I am so much more of a modern girl.

I culdn’t quite get to grips with Faith – thought it was still pretty babyish. I did like what she stood for though.

I thought that the murder mystery would win me over. It took ages to actually get to it, and felt it was quite lost in the novel. I wanted there to be more allusions to it, but instead it just kind of came out of thin air.

The actual Lie Tree was a good concept – and the lies that were pulled off were executed well, but I just wasn’t drawn in by it.

Disappointed was what I mainly felt with this book. I just wanted to finish the book but it still took me well over a week. Not again.


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