The Disappearances by Gemma Malley

After a very long hiatus from this series – 3 years or so – I thought I’d give the sequel a go and see if I can could get back into the series. I remembered that I loved previous Gemma Malley series and this stuck in my head. I couldn’t really remember why I hadn’t stuck the series out – maybe I couldn’t find the sequels in the Bournemouth libraries so I’d thought I’d let the sequel have a chance. I’m not so sure I’ll continue with the last though if I’m completely honest, but I am keen to see where Gemma Malley takes it in the end.

It left me with the same feelings and I had whilst reading the second ‘Matched’ book and quite frankly I think I picked it up with very similar thoughts in mind. The gap was a bit to long to seamlessly move from one book to another and I think this was a bit of hindrance to getting into the book as it took me well over a week to read.

It took me what felt like forever to get into the storyline and used to the characters again. Maybe would have worked well if I read the book in succession, but then again I find the best trilogies can let you in on information without the binge reading.

I think part of it may also have been that there were so many timelines the grasp and keep hold of. I usually love it when a book has numerous angles, but this one I found almost too many. I did like how all the threads tied together though. What made me feel good though was that I put them together myself before it got to it.

Although there was a long period of time, I remebered the character of Evie pretty clearly and for some reason in this book she had different characteristics than what I remembered. I understand character development and all that, but this was a bit too much for me.

I’m in no rush to read The System but intrigued as to where the storyline is being take┬ánext. Maybe if I spot it in the library and my pile is looking a little thin I’ll give it a go.


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