The Yellow Room by Jess Vallance

Ahh. This was another book I picked up because I was going to a YA panel and I wanted to be geared up. I like having the knowledge that you know what the author is talking about if they are referencing their own book. I had not long read Birdy, by the same author, and I especially liked the ending, so I knew I’d be in for a treat with this book.

Sixteen year old Anna unexpectantly gets a letter out the blue from her unknown stepmother Edie, informing her that her father had died. Wanting to meet, Anna is drawn to Edie – and the allusive Edie starts to make her way further into Anna’s life.

It set off on a really good start – and you know when a book is just going to flow easily – as I pretty much got straight into this book. This put me instantly in a good mood towards reading this book. The writing was smooth throughout and there wasn’t one point in the book which I felt that it dragged or was particularly unnesscary which is always a good sign.

I thought that the characters were great – especially Anna and her two best friends. I found them all to be easily relateable characters – even though there was not to relate with. Having characters like this though is always a big benefit to the book and partly because of the warmth in these characters I particularly wanted to carry on reading. Also, I really want one of George’s pins.

This book hit so many of the right spots at the beginning with the mysteries it set up. I was loaded with so many questions throughout. However, about half way through my own brain had pretty much spoilt the book for me as it starting providing the right anwsers, and although I did mini fist pumps when my gut feelings turned out right, I didn’t experience any of the whispered “no ways” that I love when a book completely flips on it’s head. At least one complete twist that I didn’t guess would have been better for me. But then, that can’t be helpd as the twist within this book massive.

It did end a tad abruptly too. I would have loved to explore the end more and seen what happened a little bit further one as I felt it was brushed aside pretty quickly.

It was an enjoyable read – not my favourite of the three for the panel – but still I would gladly recommend to anyone that asks.


*When I went to the wondeful panel that included Jess Vallance, I got my copy signed!


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