Mother Tongue By Julie Mayhew

Was fascinated by Julie Mayhew during a YALC talk, so inspried I had to purchase one of her books. The one she was talking about had sold out but I managed to get my hands on Mother Tongue instead. A little different to the stories I normally read, it was definitely worth the pick up. I don’t where I was expecting this book to take me but it definitely wasn’t where I ended up. I got the opportunity to listen to Julie a weeks later also!

Darya cannot wait until September when her little sister finally goes to school. Maybe then she can focus on her own life; get a nice secretary job and maybe even a boyfriend. But when tragedy strikes, Darya’s plans become fractured and life as she knows it ceases.

We’ll, I wasn’t expecting half of what I got when I opened this book. It took me to places that I hadn’t imagined exploring and opened my eyes in more ways that one. So many emotions running though it, it was honestly an exhausting read, but in a good way.

This story began emotionally powerfully and was not where I was expecting to be taken. It was almost unbelievable to read as I couldn’t believe that the story was going there and so quickly, but it set the right tone to the novel almost instantly.

I found it was an emotionally draining storyline throughout, as something terrible happened every couple of pages and each felt worse than the last. There wasn’t much relief to it either, but the sombre tone created throughout aided it.

Although the characters – especially Darya – were well developed and sculpted, I found it hard to connect with her. I did mean I could remove myself from the story a little bit, but at the same time didn’t mean I became consumed by it.

Despite the powerful beginning, I did struggle to engage towards the latter half of the novel and by the end I just wanted to get to the end and finish. But I’m putting part of that down to the content, which was pretty draining as Julie Mayhew’s writing was wondeful and flowing.

Once I finished the book, I couldn’t wait to go to the panel I had lined up and listen to Julie Mayhew’s perception on the book. It was also interesting listening as to how she came to writing this novel.

This book was different to my typical reads, but eye opening and emotionally draining. A good read, even if the ending wasn’t for me. I can’t wait to read The Big Lie, now I’ve finally got my copy!


*When I went to the wondeful panel that included Julie Mayhew, I got my copy signed!


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