Crossed By Ally Condie

That book was…lumpy. At points I felt myself getting into it, others I was just like ‘hurry up already’. It was frustrating in more ways than one and I am utterly confused whether I actually liked it or not.

The second book in the ‘Matched’ series and Ky and Cassia are separated but  determined that one day they will be united. Devising plans in their own sector, they plan on hope and love to bring them together once more. But beyond Society there isn’t anything and the hope of the rebellion and finding eachbother seems distant.

All I can say is that it felt dragged out. I felt so little had happened in a whole lot of pages. I mean, the entire book is only a couple of days. In the Carving, it took forever and was getting bored. It was half way through the book before I stumbled upon a ‘hey, its going somewhere now’. But then again, it dipped.

However, clever Ally, I loved the Society atmosphere. I think that is what I am drawn to and miss it so ending the book there means I may be tempted to pick up the next book. But will I be torturing myself by doing that?!

I think it didn’t help that I was annoyed by Ky and Cassia. I couldn’t connect and found them both a bit infuriating. They always repeated the same thoughts over and over again. Ergh. Pushed love a bit too far for my liking, I think.

I preferred Xander. Needed more of him please! Moving out of the Carving quicker would have solved all of this.
I wasn’t overly fussed on the writing. Whilst the idea of the value of poems and literature is pretty fab, I was dulled by the constant referral to them. To someone else they may have been pretty, I felt they just clogged it up too much for my liking.

This book wasn’t what I was expecting, took too long and left me without what I liked from the first book; the environment of the Society. However, the ending has frustrated me as it means I may be tempted to pick up the next book with that promise. Hmpft.


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  1. Awesome review Charlotte I remember having similar issues with this when I read it. I have to tell you “lumpy” completely cracked me up!🤣

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    1. Charlotte says:

      Aw, thanks! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought this! Haha – it was so hard trying to find the right word, and lumpy just fit.

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