End Game By Alan Gibbons

A couple of months ago I read Alan Gibbons’ Hate and I quite liked it, so when I spotted this number – with an interesting blurb – I thought, why not give it a go?

Lying motionless in a hospital bed, there is not much Nick knows. There was a car crash and that he is made at his father but he doesn’t know why at all. As his memories, and consciousness start to return, he finds a web of lies that as they unravel are not necessarily clearer.

I wasn’t sure too much of what to think when I first picked up this book so went in pretty open minded. From the first couple of pages I decided that I liked the storyline and the potential for where it was going.

I was pulled in all the unknown answers. I was pulled in by the need to know the cause of the accident and that draw got more intense the more I read. Who, what and why were featured very heavily in my numerous questions at the beginning. These were answered in the end, and although I did guess most of them, there were a couple of twists. The questions were definitely the main driving force behind me getting through the book quickly.

As a character, Nick was okay. I  found his mind good to be in but wasn’t blown away by him. It was more the good writing than the kept me reading – along with all the questions – rather than Nick himself. I didn’t find him thrilling enough. I understand that he is confined to a hospital bed, but at the same time he could have been a bit more alluring as a character.

As before with Hate, the writing was very good. It flowed well and this always aid the reading. However, I ended up finding the book not very memorable. There are sometimes books which will stick in my mind for months – even years – down the line. After a couple of weeks I found it difficult to recall larger chunks of this book, only the main pin points. And this for me is a little disappointing.

I liked the concept of this book and the sheer amount of questions it rose. However, it isn’t one that sticks in my mind. Glad I did read it though.


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