Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

I was drawn to this book for a number of reasons. My friend always raves about Cecelia Ahern and her books, I’d read one of her recommendations and it wasn’t too bad – for a full blown adult book, the fact it was Cecelia Ahern’s first YA novel and the storyline’s concept was one I felt I’d easily get my teeth into. And whilst reading the beginning of the novel I wasn’t the greatest fan, now I’ve finished it I literally cannot stop thinking about it.

Celestine is perfect and in a society were being flawed is punishable, she knows she must remain that way. But when events lead to her image becoming ‘Flawed’ she starts to question what being ‘Flawed’ actually means.

It did take me quite a while to get into. I think it was because I wanted to jump straight in, that I ended up wading a little bit. I don’t think it flowed as naturally as some of my other favourite YA novels, which meant I found myself stuck at some points.

I loved the idea of being Flawed and think that was the main grab for me. I was intrigued to see how it would be explored, defined and expanded on. And with this aspect, I feel like Cecelia Ahern really shined. I liked the way it was portrayed and intrigued me no end, unlike other aspects of the book.

There were parts of this novel that felt very simplistic, almost like the writing was dumbed down a little. It didn’t do the genre justice in this way and I felt a little let down by this.

I found it hard to focus with the writing and main character. The narrative of the character was constantly changing her mind or getting distracted particularly easily, espically by boys, which wasn’t at all how her character was portrayed to begin with and seemed to change the story in some ways. I thought Celestine was an ok character – a bit weak in the split decisions and felt it changed too constantly for my liking.

There were many underlying themes of the Hunger Games that were very clear, almost too similar. It was like it wanted to mimick Suzanne Collins novel. I demanded a bit more originality from this book, not a mimic.

The ending gained the speed I was looing for throughout the whole book. I preferred the angles the book took once I got there and I finally started to fully engage and enjoy the book a lot more. I just wish it didn’t take the whole book to do so.

I’m super conflicted. Although pretty much the whole way through the book I felt annoyed with the writing, duplicated themes and characters – I can’t get it out of my head weeks on. Hmm. I did start to enjoy it and loved the idea of Flawed. And for that, I think I would recommend it to other.


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