Class Heroes: A Class Apart by Stephen Henning

As I needed to travel light whilst I was away, I said so long to paperbacks and hello to Kindle gems. I didn’t want to spend money so when I spotted this little read that alluded to superpowers I instantly clicked download. And on an 8 hour coach journey across Peru, I devoured it rather quickly to say the least.

After being caught in a coach explosion that killed numerous class mates, Sam and James are left in hospital with pretty serious injuries. And when their injuries start to heal quicker than anticipated and strange things start to happen to them, they suspect there was more to the explosion than just a random attack, and their lives could be in even more danger.

Can we just get this out of the way – I don’t like to admit it but I do judge a book by its cover normally. And had I seen this cover – it was blurb only purchase – I think I would have been less inclined to download the book. It makes the story seem very juvenile, which it isn’t so much so. Luckily I didn’t see the cover until I snapshotted the cover on the Kindle app on my phone as it is not on my device. Another proof of don’t judge a book by its cover.

This was ta great companion for such a long coach ride. I am a sucker for anything with superpowers so this was right up my street from the start. Origin stories are my favourite, so this hit the right spot and made for easy reading. I liked the powers that the twins were given and the way the developed. I also liked how they came about and the beginning had me gripped from the start. A great way to start a book.

This book did get a tad weird from time to time. The turns the storyline took – with the mind control and stalking coma patients – did make me question it a bit as I felt it wasn’t done as seriously as other parts of the novel. Also, I would have liked to have gotten to know the characters of the twins in more detail – but the opening ending is promising for the next book. That is if I end up downloading the next one.

The writing mimicked the action, and at times that wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. It had a really promising start but it flagged and got caught in the middle when everyone was confined to their beds. It grew again when everyone started to move. Also, the writing felt pretty dumbed down, it wasn’t the typical YA writing I was expecting. But then, maybe this is book is for the younger audience, rather than the mid-late teens I typically pick it. The writing did let it down a bit in the middle.
I am glad it was free, I’m not sure I would have paid for it though. It made it the story sweeter knowing this though. The book redeemed itself with the interesting storyline – and the superpowers are what kept me engaged. It has remained a pretty memorable book, with a open ending if I do wish to seek the next. All I can say is thank you for wasting the time I needed.


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