No Way Back by Chloe Adams

I was pretty much blind sided by this novel. It was a kindle whim buy, and after keeping me company on a 12 hour flight, it left me reeling after this significantly pronounced book almost consistently left me on the brink of tears.

After the horrific events of an evening out, 17 year old Mia is left feeling broken. With her father forbidding her to go to the police – for the sake of his political career – her world is thrown into turmoil. And without the the support of her family, she must look elsewhere for the help she so desperate seeks.

I didn’t read the blurb for this book again before I opened it, so went in with a completely blank mind. And the events that took such a dark turn so quickly swept me off my feet. I think what was initially painted so lightly ended up so dark so quick was one reason why this book resonated so hard with me. A delicate topic, yes. But explored in this way is definitely needed more of.

I’m going to be honest, I haven’t really read much about this with these types of views. Although, it reminded me a bit of Asking For It – I think it was mainly the theme – the blatant outright, and quite frankly absurd views of Mia’s father took me back a bit. I understand it was premise of her situation, but took a bit to adjust to his lack of support.

I think what I also felt was particularly good about this book was the voice that was used. The way that Mia read and the predicament placed before here was portrayed through her in such a way that she was easily identifiable. There was no getting frustrated with her, only the people around.

Within it, there was such emotive language that I couldn’t help be moved by the events and aftermath. It was so gritty initially and then broke down until it became so fragile. There was several times on that plane journey where I had to taken a moment before reading again.

Although the characters weren’t particularly memorable – I mean the message is significantly important here – I did like the support Mia’s best friend provided. These kind of characters are what set the relief in hard novels like this.

I didn’t expect this to be as good as I thought it actually was. Another Kindle gem that you should all definitely down load.


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