Wing Jones by Katherine Webber

I was not expecting to fall in love with that book as much as I did. I literally found this book unputdownable, and it was so refreshing to find a book like that. I was in love from start to finish and can’t wait to read more of Katherine Webber’s books!

Wing Jones has a grandmother from China, and one from Ghana, and in Atlanta 1995 doesn’t feel like she fits in anywhere. She admires her brother who fits in just fine. But when tragedy strikes in her family, Wing discovers more strength that she could ever imagine and an undiscovered power that could transform her life.

Can we first talk about this book’s design? It gives me chills. I instantly fell for the pink and purple gradient pages – I couldn’t stop staring at them before I opened the book. The style of font is lovely too. It fits the story so well.

I like that it set in the 90’s and although I wasn’t expecting it at first, I really liked that it it was. There was the nice nostalgic feel to the story, with the absence of today’s technologies made it rather refreshing. I also appreciated being able to identify point in time – such as the Olympics – and thought it was aided the story so well.

This story was such a mixture of feel good and emotional. The balance was just right, and cane at the right points in the novel. There were times where I almost wanted to cry and others where I was completely routing for Wing.i think this was helped by the wonderful range of  characters within this novel. None felt out of place, and each gave a dynamic that aided the story really well. And, Wing. I absolutely adore her.

I wasn’t even put off by the obvious romantic set up that was inevitable to happen. I appreicated that it is pushed back at the end of the book, but I actually felt proud reading the camp scene- almost like a yes – as Katherine Webber wrote it so organically. It blended with the rest of the novel so well without sticking out like a sore thumb.

The tone of this novel reminded me of Laura Jarratt’s Louder than Words. I’m not sure if it was because of the similar circumstances – admiral older brother, outcast younger sister – but the way it was written, and left me feeling was I could see the same in both. At the same time they are completely different – but both created the same feels, which I loved.

I urge everyone to pick up this book! You’ll want to fly through it and get to know Wing. An absolutely wondeful novel, and one I will rave about for a very long time.


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