Swarm by Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan and Deborah Biancotti

Ooh, now that was one hundred times better than I thought it was going to be and I am honestly so glad it was. I love a good superpower story, and when I read Zeroes last year I was left a little deflated as not only was it about different superpowers, it was also by the author who introduced me to YA, Scott Westerfeld. I didn’t keep on track of the release of this book, so when I spotted it sat on the library shelf the other day I was surprised to see it. But I had to give it another, right? And I am incredibly pleased I did. I love, love, loved it!

The Zeroes now run their own underground club – the Petri Dish – where they can draw a crowd and experiment with their powers in secret. But when two new Zeroes arrive, their experimental night doesn’t go as plan. But these two are the least of their worries when they pull a more destructive Zero in their path.

I wanted to devour it so much quicker, and after a couple of ‘lull’ books, I felt I read it quite fast anyway. I was greeted with a familiar warmth that I didn’t have when I left the last book, which was nice and reassuring – and think the kick start to a love for this book.

The characters in this sequel were more well-developed – for once the sequel was better, in my opinion, than the original. It ticked all the boxes that were left off and left me with a deflated feeling about Zeroes in the first place. As characters, I loved their interactions and acceptance. They were formed in ways I could admire. The angles that were taken within the book were really commendable too.

What really clinched this book for me was about a third of the way through. The Mall scene done so well that I couldn’t quite contain myself with what I was reading. It was written so well. So emotive and dramatic. Hands down my favourite part of the book.

I was excited to see where each page took me, there was no points in the book that I felt like I wanted to skip, which was brilliant. The constant pace in this book was what I needed. It definitely delivered. It kept me engaged and wanting more.So many questions were dropped throughout that every time I thought I figured out the anwsers to something, I’d be bombarded with a whole load of questions again!

I adored all the developments that were made to the characters and the next chapters in their narrative. The relationship between Crash and Mob made me want to shout out yes! and the acceptance of all the main group with how they all work together made me glow. However, Anon, in the last couple of pages did not sit well with me and I surely hope this is rectified in the next novel. Because of this, and a couple of other factors that include where other characters ended up finding themselves, I was not happy with the ending and how it panned it. But, it has set a lot up for the next novel, so I’m pretty excited for it.

Completely not what I was expecting from this book and a wondeful surprise read. Now just to keep it up – I can’t wait for the next book. Not a sentence I thought I’d be saying!


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