Now You See Me by Emma Haughton

I bought this book on a whim. I had a purchasing spree a couple of months back and this just happened to slip into the pile. In my attempt to at least make a dent in my ever growing book shelf I decided I should probably give it a read. The concept seemed really interesting and I had been pleasantly surprised by books of this similar nature of the past. And this one didn’t disappoint.

Three years ago Hannah’s best friend Danny went missing. Hannah never lost hope in finding Danny after that fateful afternoon, and neither did his family – so when mysterious phone calls start to come through, the danger of hope begins to emerge.

I got through this book quite quickly. The writing flowed well and read with ease.i do like it when a book has a good writing style. It lent itself to being the tense thriller it had promised to be. This was kept pretty much throughout the book, and I appreciated that.

I thought Hannah was a good protagonist to follow. She asked enough questions without being annoying – but informative instead. She was portrayed with a good head on her shoulders and didn’t get in the way of the narrative. I liked following her perspective throughout.

I enjoyed the guess of the thriller – and in some ways this was done extremely well. However, the biggest twist – I guessed a mile off and knew that that was going to be the twist about half way through the book. It took the thrill away a little bit because every clue from then on definitely left me with that conclusion. It didn’t help that it reminded me heavily of The Lost and the Found by Cat Clarke, which I’d read about 6 months earlier and they mirrored each other in a couple of ways. It was still done in an interesting way though.

I really liked the idea behind the story of this novel, and was a good quick read. I just wish I hadn’t guessed the major twist so early on.


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