Say Her Name By Juno Dawson

I kept seeing this book around on the library shelves but it never landed in my pile to check out. Knowing Juno Dawson typically has a pretty awesome writing style, I finally decided to give it a crack. I was in the mood for a good scare. And whilst it didn’t hit every nail on the head – it did okay.

When Bobbie is given a halloween dare to say ‘Bloody Mary’ five times neither she, her best friend Naya or cute boy Caine are scared of the legend behind it. However, the increasingly scary events following in the next couple of days lead the three to believe that maybe it wasn’t just a Halloween prank.

Another reason why I thought I’d finally give it a try is because I find YA horrors to be pretty hit or miss. I adore the genre – throw a horror film at me any time – I just find it doesn’t translate as well in novels. I hoped this boom was different, and honestly it was okay. I wanted to carry on reading it as the writing flowed well and there was a lot of suspense built up. However, there no particular scares that I found stood out.

The characters were a tad bland – as in they were the type of characters you’d expect from any YA novel and didn’t particularly stray away from these stereotypes. There wasn’t one character that I really enjoyed reading about, but then again there wasn’t any that I particularly hated either.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t enthralled by the whole posh boarding school.

It was an interesting story and concept – I liked the idea behind Bloody Mary and enjoyed the way that Juno Dawson explored this version of it, but felt it was quite dragged out. I felt like there was no meat behind the book, if that makes sense.

Hmm, I did like some aspects of this book – like the writing style – but other I found didn’t enthral me. An okay book, but honestly not necessarily recommendable.


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