The Game of Lives by James Dashner

I’m sorry, but I’m pretty glad that I’ve finished the trilogy. It dragged, I stopped being enthralled by drips of good storyline, the characters no longer gave me anything more and I just wanted to conclude the trilogy. Which is a shame, as it started out so well!

The games are over. The VirtNet has become a world of deadly consequences, and Kaine grows stronger by the day. The Mortality Doctrine—Kaine’s master plan—has nearly been realized, and little by little the line separating the virtual from the real is blurring. If Kaine succeeds, it will mean worldwide cyber domination. And it looks like Michael and his friends are the only ones who can put the monster back in the box—if Michael can figure out who his friends really are.

My fears were confirmed, as this triology literally mimicked my feeling towards The Maze Runner series. I loved the first novel, felt pretty ‘meh’ about the second book, and by the middle of the third book I was just saying ‘please can I just be done?!’. I hate to abandon books, but I was seriously close with this one. What stopped me was the amount of time invested in the trilogy, and how little was left to complete this. So I powered through.

The writing and storyline felt long, drawn out and there was just so much that I wanted to skip. It honestly sent me to sleep upon numerous occasions (which was not the intention, by the way) and left me feeling a bit bored. There wasn’t the thrill from the first book.

This book also meant I lost the love for the characters I had from the second novel. I don’t think they were developed well in this novel and didn’t care as much for them when reading this. I wanted to get more involved in the novel, and the ending of the last book gave me hope that maybe I would. However, this wasn’t the case.

I don’t like writing as such negative reviews, but it was hard to find the positives this last novel. Which is a shame, because the books started off so strong.


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