Perfect by Cecelia Ahern

Okay, so I still couldn’t get the first book,  Flawed out of my mind. I loved the idea of imperfection – and despite it remind my me very much stereotypically of all the other modern dystopian YA novel – when I saw this book was due for release in just knew I had to get my mitts on it. And, oh I was so glad that I did. I adored this book even more! So much energy and passion flew out of, I devoured it pretty damn quickly.

Evading Judge Crevan, Celestine knows she has the upper hand. But since the judge has named her public threat number one and using all his power to track her down, she is running out of time. Knowing she can prove the whole system is Flawed, she must chose whether to save herself or risk her life to save all those that have branded Flawed.

I knew as soon as I read the first page I’d made the right decision in purchasing this. Jumping straight back into the action where it left off in Flawed and once again I was immersed in their world. This smooth transaction satisfied me.

I like the direction the novel took, and I really liked that couldn’t guess as many obvious things this time round and meant I had a more surprising read – which I prefer.

The writing really flowed well and made for an enjoyable read. This was consistent throughout and I really appreciated that. There wasn’t one point in the book where I got bored and every time I wanted to read on more. The way it is written is one of my favourite bits about the novel.

One thing irritated me in the beginning and that was the immediate intimacy between Celestine and Carrick. Im not sure if it is because I’m a bit over teenage lust, and to be honest with the way that Celestine was portrayed in the last book it kind of continued that, but honestly! Was there a need for a sex scene so early on – I found myself just putting my head in my hands. Why revert Celestine back to this girl controlled by her urges! She has so many more qualities than that. Luckily she was portrayed more independent than that through the rest of the book and less heavily involved. Except for the ending, where she kisses Carrick – although it does make a complete circle, did it really need to end on that?!

I liked the characters that were brought into this novel. Although, it would have been nice to have more expansion on the lesser characters – I have so many unanswered questions about them!

Again, there were a couple of dystopian cliches in this novel, and the very end – with the televised reveal – reminded me a lot of Insurgent. A bit more originality would have been nice, but there wasn’t as much mimicking as the first novel which was good.

I really enjoyed this novel – much more than first novel I think. It was more refined, and I adored the continuation of the storyline. A very good read, indeed.


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