Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell

This book was one of my treats from my #MPSecretSanta and I finally got around to reading it! It had been on my TBR after noticing it a couple of times but I never got round to picking up. So, opening up my package and seeing it sat there, I knew I’d get to read it now. And I was pleasantly surprised.

Sophie is sent to spend the summer wirh her cousins – brooding Cameron, perfect Piper and strange Lilias – in their converted school house home. Tragedy struck her cousins years ago when her other cousin died in mystery circumstances. And the room of antique dolls from the old school house wait for tragedy to strike again.

I liked the title – obviously! I was looking forward to a good horror – a good jumpy read as I hadn’t read one of these in quite a while. I’m a pretty big fan of horror films, but don’t tend to pick them up as much when they are books – they just don’t occur on my radar as much.

It started off really well. I was engaged with the story pretty much straight away and it read quite smoothly. The set up was fast and the events leading up to the main story was achieved quickly. I liked that when I read it, but looking back now, maybe it was a little too fast and brushed over a few certain aspects that could have had a little bit more time spent on them.

I really liked the Scottish setting – it was fresh and increased the atmosphere. I think more description aboht it, especially at the beginning would have been a good added touch though.

The mix of characters were well balanced and I liked the unease of them all. They are memorable and characters that you want to get to know more, rather than just being one dimensional.

The writing really flowed, which helped with the growing storyline. Bell’s writing read effortless and I love it when I aids the tension. However, I wasn’t particularly frightened or taken back by any of the events that happened. To me anyway, they seemed like pretty tame scares. But then, I am pretty hard to make jump with a horror. I don’t think it helped that I guessed quite a few of the twists before they happened, which unfortuneately took the anticipation out of it.

It was a pretty good read if you aren’t wanting to be frightened too much, and I did enjoy the story. So, thank you Franki for sending it to me – enjoyable indeed.


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