Darkmere by Helen Maslin

Another one of my treats from my #MPSecretSanta and another highly anticipated horror (my secret santa totally delivered) for me to sink my teeth into. Pretty damn interesting, I must say and although a little predictable in places, it is was a very juicy read!

Kate is the new girl at the posh private school, so when the sexy Leo invites her along with him and his friends to spend the summer at his inheritance, Darkmere Castle, she can’t think of any better way for her and Leo to get together. But there, she’s more drawn to the 19th century bride who haunts the tunnels of the castle.

I really liked the concept of the book. The thought of rich teenagers in a castle for the summer sounded pretty juicy – the typical comeuppance story with a satisfying ending, which was delivered to an extent. As I liked the story, I read it pretty quickly – within a couple of days. It helped that the writing was smooth.

The characters were interesting, each with different flaws and highlights in their personalities. However, they could have been developed a little more and a little less one dimensional in places. It meant that became a little predictable.

It was also a little predictable in places of the storyline too. I kind of half anticipated quite of the events occured, so although the tension was built up, I knew a lot of the jumps were coming straight off and took the tense out of it. Because, if they hadn’t it would have worked really well.

To be honest, I wasn’t a massive fan of Elinor’s bits but then again, I never am a fan of a story when it gets taken back in time. I did get to like this aspect more towards the end but found myself wanting to read fast so I could skip to Kate’s bits.

Quick frankly, it ended too abruptly for my liking. Maybe I was reading too fast? But one minute I was in the midst of action, the next minute I’d finished the book. How’d that happen?!

I did enjoy this book, an interesting storyline even if the characters weren’t as developed as I’d hoped. A good, quick read but don’t get your hopes up for too many scares.


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