The Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles

I picked this book up from the library for something a little bit different. But I don’t really think it was in my taste at all as I finished the book feeling very meh.

Zoe feels at lost after her father’s freak accident whilst caving – and his body never being recovered – and the recent loss of her neighbours to a brutal attack. When her and her brother come under attack, the mysterious and handsome X comes to their aide. X isn’t like anyone from above Earth and both must make sacrifices to help them stay together.

I struggled to engage with this novel from the very beginning. It was slow read even from the start – which I felt should have read quickly and it just didn’t – and although it picked up the pace at some points, I still couldn’t pick up the speed.

I did like the contrast between the two worlds. The imagery was vivid and I felt immersed in the setting. It was done particularly well.

This is an issue that I have with quite a lot of romance novels- and this proved no different – was the way that they instantly fell in love. The instant mutual attraction and the way they felt so secure was bland. There was no flavour to their relationship and made it feel a little ungenuine. I also thought that Zoe herself was a bit bland. Instead, I preferred Val and Dallas as character and a bit more engaging to read about.

Although the twists were good, I kind of thought that was what was going to happen, so there was no surprise factor in it. Which was a shame. Surprisingly so though, the book ended up pretty memorable. Between the month of reading this book and writing up the review I could remeber everything I took notes on. So it achieved that we’ll as scenes stuck.

There waa a open ending to allude to another book, however I’ve already decided to put myself through it. I wasn’t engaged with this book to even entertain the idea. Which is a shame.


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