Broken Sky by LA Weatherly

Okay, I was not expecting that. I honestly fell in love with this novel by the end. It was given to me as a present last year, and although I really appreciated it – and heard good things about the book – I kept putting off picking it up from my shelf as it didn’t seem my cup of tea. I’m not a massive time of time hops. But I should have ignored the blurb as it’s only nine months later that I discovered how much I adored the book.

It’s the 1940s and peace has been across the world for almost 100 years. Conflict instead fought by single pilots in peacefights. Peace fighters like Amity soar the skies to ensure the perfect world is kept and harmony can rule and your destiny determined by your birth sign.
But when it starts to unravel and is not as perfect as it seems, Amity is not use she can continue living the blissful lie.

It was honestly captivating from the start. The prologue stuck in my head. And at the beginning, I couldn’t tell if it was a good move or spoilt any twists for me but actually it was such a move. I kept thinking back to it and kept wondering how the blissful beginning of the novel to develop into what was teased. It kept it tense and skeptical of everything.

It was written with ease and flowed beautifully. It was easy to get into, which I always appreciate and kept going from start to finish was a pace that really worked well.

I liked all the characters and thought there was a good mix. There wasn’t particular any one dimensional characters, which meant that each was exciting to read about and I thought it was just the right blend. I was keen to follow Amity and her righteous didn’t get on my nerves – a good balance. Kai’s felt a little oddly slotted in at places, but I’m keen to know more about her.

I did kind of guess each move and certain points the plot was taking, I even pretty much guessed the final twist half way through the book *ahem* Sandy *ahem*. I still thought the build up was executed well though.

I am absolutely intrigued on where the story is going to be taken next and am so pleased that my preconceptions were proved entirely wrong. I should have so picked this book up sooner! Next book immediately in my hand, please!


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