Darkness Follows by LA Weatherly

I couldn’t wait to source the book at the library – I downloaded it onto my kindle straight away and I think I fell in love with this series even more after reading the second book. It didn’t have the awkward adjusting to the world that I was expecting to happen, and unlike many second novels it didn’t fall flat. A lot happened with so many twists that I was constantly on the edge of my seat.

Amity has been caught and is the newest inmate at Harmony 5 – a camp for those found Discordant. There you must obey or be killed. And escape is out of the question. Amity must do what she can to survive as Harmony slowly take over.

It took a couple of months gap inbetween the ending of the last novel and man, oh man was there a lot of anwsers for! These gaps that needed filling changed everything and my need to know what happened spurred me to read even quicker than I was already doing so. Shift time line – good at times, confusing at other.

In this book it was a lot more obvious, but I really liked the colleration between Harmony and WW2 Germany. The more hints towards it, the more interesting it became but also I think more devasting to read – especially the camps. I do hope it continues! It was a good way to highlight these signicant points in history and how they may have been played in various senarios through the means of the book.

My mind immediately adjusted to the time shift in this novel and I actually came to enjoy reading the in this style. I liked that mot everything was modern – despite it being pretty dystopian – and I think it gave this book an edge. Trying thinking explain it to people whilst I was reading it though was pretty confusing even for me!

I really liked the shift to dark and sinister tones in this novel – there were some parts that were almost unbearable to read at times. These gritty bits made for a memorable read though and think it hit spots that other YA novels are sometimes too afraid to go.

I quite apperciated the lack of romance. There were so many spots where something could have happened – which would have caused me to groan in annoyance – but instead there was a focus on surviving, which made the narrative feel much more realistic. So, thank you for sparing me that! I would like it to go somewhere though in the next book, as sometimes the tension is almost painful to read. I do hope it differs to the simplicity of Amity and Callie’s relationship.

I am so glad that this book could hold its own in the shadow of Broken Sky – and for once a second novel that actually was better than the first. I have Black Moon all lined up ready to read next – I do hope the brilliance continues into the final beastly book.


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