Black Moon by LA Weatherly

Okay, I absolutely adore this series and the last book cemented that. Completely wasn’t what I had anticipated saying when I started the series, but actually it opened me to a whole new genre of book that I wouldn’t typically explore and was done so well. I’m quite saddened to have finished the series.

New Manhattan is now home to Harmony and it’s new Dictator Kay Pierce, and her enemies in the Resistance. Leading the resistance is Amity. Working undercover for them is the man who betrayed her. Because even when her world is broken, Amity will risk her life to fix it.

Initially, when I started the series I didn’t realise that the final book had only just come out. It was such a pleasent surprise to discover it on the library shelf after I’d binge read the first two novels, I knew it was fate to finish this third.

It was such a massive read (I haven’t read 600+pages in quite a while) but I really didn’t mind because I knew this would be good throughout. And I was not disappointed, at no points were there any parts that were unnesscary. Every minute bit of detail squeezed into the novel deserved to be there.

There were some well played twists in this novel too, and more than I had anticipated. I appreciated that some of them came as a shock to me, as a couple I’d been able to guess in the previous two books but most of these came as quite a shock. The way the information was fed worked really well though.  It meant the twists that did come were explained thoroughly throughout and I appreciated that they didn’t just happen sporadically.

I thought the character developments fitted well and let the book end in a place that felt right. None of the characters changed too much – and the suspense of Collie remained throughout. I just wish there was a little bit more behind Kay, as her domineering change appeared so quickly. I appreicated the twist in Amity and Ingo’s relationship very well – even if some of the scene felt a bit untimely.

For once, a good to a trilogy with each book excelling the last and I actually think Black Moon was my favourite out of all three. L A Weatherly- I’d definitely not hesitate to pick up a book of yours again!


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