Scorched by Joss Stirling

Imagine my delight when I discovered this little beauty resting on the library shelf. I didn’t even realise another one had been released!

Ember Lord has been accused of murdering her father, and found with the knife in her hand at the scene as well as not protesting it doesn’t look well in her favour. But her father has so many enemies and ties to criminal rings, is Ember just taking to rap to protect the people that she loves?

I feel like Joss Stirling books are my guilty pleasure – I shouldn’t enjoy the romance as much as do with books. But it is a good mix of action intertwined with such a well -flowed writing that I find myself enjoying the storyline. This one wasn’t quite as up to par as the others in this series but still such an enjoyable read.

I liked Joe in the previous novels so was happy to see this one centred around him. It was good to see more of who he was and how he felt. I also quite liked the character of Ember. I adore her name! I thought she was interesting and liked discovering her story. A good main character to follow.

The storyline felt like it was a bit slower in this novel. I liked the environment they were placed in, even if some situations seemed a bit bizzare, but looking back not a lot actually happened in the time frame. More action rather than acting next time please! Also, *spoiler alert* it didn’t help that I knew it was Nanny Roe from about half way through, yet took the rest of the book to come to this conclusion. It meant for me it fell a bit flat at the end. It was an interesting twist if I hadn’t have guessed it.

I found this not to be as gritty as the other YDC novels. Maybe it was a nice change though, but I did crave a little bit more action. However, I was glad to see that they graduate at the end of this novel – as otherwise it would have lost the touch a bit with any more novels along the same line.

I think I still prefer the Savant series, but I loved the storyline’s that the YDC have provided. A good addition, but not my favourite.


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