All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

This had spent a while on my book shelve but I had seen so many raves reviews I knew I had to get around to reading it eveentually. The topics and themes are ones that I really love to get my teeth into and when done well are absolutely outstanding, and this book definitely done it well.

After meeting on a roof ledge Theodore and Violet are assigned a geography project to discover natural state wonders. With Violet still struggling with the recent death or her sister, and Theodore’s morbid fascination with death, they work together to help each other out in more ways than one.

I absolutely flew through this book, I couldn’t put it down at all! It was engaging, emotive and absolutely compelling to read – everything I wanted out of it and more. The tone set from the outset drew me straight in and I was hooked from the beginning. I immediately knew what the story would be like and absolutely love that.

When reading this book, it felt like actual feel good book. The characters created were ones I wanted to follow. I thought they were put together really well and for most of the book their adventures gave me a warmth that I wasn’t expecting. I adored their names too.

As the rest of the book was so feel good, I wasn’t particularly expecting the ending – even if it was what the whole book was pretty much being led up to. It was gritty ending and descriptive, but definitely what was needed in this book. It was handled well, I think.

I really like how mental health and labels were approached in this novel, a perspective I’d hadn’t given much thought to. I love it when a book presents you without another idea that really make a you think, and this book did just that.

With wonderful writing and poignant messages, I’d definitely recommend this read to anyone. I’m so glad I read it.

Side note – not long after I read this book, I had another mutual rave with my friend about it and she loved it just as much as I did! Think I need to find Holding Up the Universe next.


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