Seed by Lisa Heathfield

I absolutely adored Paper Butterflies, so had quite high hopes for this novel. With a promising and intriguing storyline and knowing how wonderful Lisa Heathfield’s writing is, this book had to be great. And let me tell you, it so was!


Pearl was born into the isolation community of Seed, where Mother Nature is worshipped and Papa S is their leader. When outsiders join the group, everything Pearl is meant to know changes and the darkness in the heart of Seed slowly begins to grow.


I read it quite quickly as the writing flowed wonderfully. They flew off the page and into my mind without a second’s thought. No pausing in action for this novel. Also, the writing lent it’s hand to create great visuals and descriptions of Seed. They were so vivid, picturing the farm was so clear. I really do praise Heathfield for the fantastic, and at times tantalising, imagery. It made the story that all bit more real.


I liked the characters in this novel. There were an easy read and tolerable.-Their naivety and vulnerability was believable and made the narrative that little bit more emotive. Sometimes, with stories like this they can become exaggerated but in this novel it wasn’t. You could read their plight without questioning anything. You became caught in the moment the entire time and there was a good choice of main characters.


It was also very emotive with what the Seed residents had gone through and each revelation was worse than the last. The other voice of the trapped lady emphasised that and I liked her addition, but maybe more would have been nice.


It did become a bit slower at the end and the intensity of the novel was replaced with a focus on a resolution. Saying that, it ended very abruptly. The events happened a bit too quickly and begs the question – is there a sequel? I’d love it if there was.


A wonderful novel that was gripping and intense for the most of it. I’d definitely recommend it if you get a chance.


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