The Treatment by Suzanne Young

I needed a companion for the plane journeys to and from Lisbon – a guaranteed read that wouldn’t be a dud as I hate flicking through Kindle books when I just want to settle on one. When I previously read it, I liked The Program – well, the concept more than the book – so when I saw this sequel I thought I may as well give it a try.

Sloane and James are on the run after barely surviving The Program. They aren’t out of danger yet, what with their memories still missing and finding themselves with a group of troubled rebels. Sloane and James must choose who to trust in order to survive.

It was a good choice, such a quick read. The writing flowed well and I took to it with ease – exactly what I was after.

It did take a little bit to get back into the storyline and remember which character was who as it jumped straight back into the action. This would have been fab if I read the books in quick succession, but for me, there was about 2 years between reads and not enough reminders at the beginning to piece it all together.

I’m always a bit uneasy when characters lose their memory as it’s not always well executed and can come across as jumbled and hard to decipher. However, this memory loss worked better than I anticipated and definitely added something good to the whole atmosphere of the novel. It translated well towards the end of the novel as I felt as confused as Sloane to know who to trust. I became engaged more with the story because of it, even it is was more frustrating.

I’m looking forward to the other books in the series, as it’s just made me more intrigued about the world plagued with the The Program. I’m much more positive after reading this book and feel like the series has been turned around for the better.


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