The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

This is hands down one of the most powerful books I’ve read. I can see why it came so highly recommended. Whilst reading it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I know that it’s a book that is going to stick in the back my mind for a very long time.

Starr lives in Garden Heights, a place where gangs run and gunfire is a daily occurrence. It’s a whole other world to her posh private school. When she is the only witness in an unprovoked police shooting of her unarmed best friend Khalil, what is right and what she fears determine the path she is forced to take next.

I kept seeing this book pop up everywhere and although I wasn’t initially bothered by the blurb, when I spotted it in the library I knew I had to see what the fuss was all about. And I am so glad that I did. I curse myself for my initial hesitation at the book. It is about such a hot topic at the moment, and hits the nail on the head – I wish I had picked it up sooner.

I honestly couldn’t put it down and found every instance to read just another page. It was addictive, and I was fully engrossed in Starr’s life. I was hooked from the beginning and after reading the first page I knew this book would have me in its grasps until I finished it.

The way it was written was smooth and worked well with the narrative and really helped that I just wanted to carry on reading. There was so much emotion that ran through this book – and the narrative carried it well. It was a book that made me feel, even when I found I couldn’t relate to the subject matter at hand, and that is the sign of true writing brilliance.

All the characters were developed really well, especially Starr. She was a fantastically balanced character that whilst reading really resonated with me. The explanation between her two lives, her conflict of emotion and the way she handled situations was done explicitly, and I really did adore her as a character. There was such a vast range of multi dimensional character, it was really refreshing.

What impressed me the most about this novel, was how eye-opening it was. As I haven’t read a book on this subject matter before, or been exposed to it, reading about it with such passion and emotion really made me stand back at bit. I was intrigued at the situation and appauld by some decisions made, but felt it stood for what it was there and I really admire that. It has urged me to seek out more on the subject matter, and educate myself a bit more.

An absolutely outstanding novel that needs to be read by everyone in today’s society. A book that has got a fantastic balance of storyline telling, characters and important subject matters.


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