One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus

With such an interesting premise with a great dynamic of stereotypical characters, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this novel. I’d seen it raved about on twitter and knew I had to get myself in part of the action, so downloaded it straight onto my kindle. A sunny Sunday afternoon in the garden provided the perfect backdrop for me to immerse in this high school thriller that had me begging for answers almost all the way through.

After school gossip Simon ends up dead during a detention, his death is not ruled as an accident and the fellow students were the room on that fateful day end up as the suspects. Each of them with a devastating secret that Simon was due to release on his school wide gossip page. Which one of them was responsible for his death, so desperate to keep their secret at bay that they’ll resort to anything.

Although I liked thr premise, initally I thought the characters were going to be stereotypical, especially with the way they were described on the front cover. It reminded me a bit of The Breakfast Club. However, the more I read, the more diverse they became – more than one dimensional characters – and I actually ended up enjoying reading about them.

I liked the changing narrative as I alwayd find it’s an interesting technique for revealing and concealing information. However, the tone of voice didn’t always change with each person’s narrative, so at times I was confused whose voice I was reading through.

The title had me suspicious from the start, so I found myself a bit disappointed at the reveal. Purely because the one of four you were following didn’t acttually lie in the narrative, which is what I was expecting. Although, guess Simon is included in the mix – so I can’t be too mad. And was a change to what I’d been anticipating, which was pretty nice.

I liked the various turns and twists in the narrative – many of which I didn’t guess until it was unveiled. This kept me on my toes as a reader and meant the novel kept a good pace, without getting overwhelming or boring. A good balance for a pleasent read.

I did have various guesses throughout the novel, but with the ever changing narrative it always changed. When the 4chan forums were discussed the right theory came to mind, but I didn’t kept hold of it until things started to come together. I like it when a novel does that. Kept me alert throughout the entire novel, which was good.

I did like this book – with its interesting premise and revolving narrative. I found it hard to put down – always the sign of a good book!


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