Crush by Eve Ainsworth

I kept seeing this book, so I thought I’d see what it was all about. I mean, I wasn’t enticed by the cover at all but thought the themes within this novel could be interesting.

After left reeling from her mother’s sudden departure, Evie strikes up a friendship with Will when they meet after school. Blossoming into something more, Will soon starts to control aspects of Eve’s life, until she becomes isolated from everything expect Will himself.

This was a very short book and it made for a quick read, which was probably for the best. This was probably aided by the way it was written, as I thought the language was a bit more basic than normal YA novels and therefore could tell it was aimed towards earlier teens. Also, meant I could read it quickly, even if it felt a little dumbed down/colloquial in places. Saying that though, it fitted to the audience it was aiming at well.

The storyline jumped straight in and moved quickly. I appreicated that, as I think any faffing about before starting the storyline would have made me lose interest pretty quickly and lose the atmosphere of the story.

I really liked that this novel was honest – I wanted to scream at Anna from the very begining, but was glad to see that the character wasn’t dumbed down for mistakes to happen. It was a good description of what could potentially happen. As it was such a touching subject matter, I was glad to see it was dealt with delicately. I thought it was done well from this perspective and thought it was a pretty moving account.

I’m glad I read this book, even if the age was in no related to me. I thought it was handled very well. I might have a look into 7 Days now.


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